Sunday, 17 March 2013

Press Regulation

OK, tomorrow is the vote.
IMHO phone hacking is wrong, but (& a very big but) it can be justified if people are breaking the law or being in power & saying one thing & doing what you condem & you expose them.
It seems that most of the phone hacking scandle was to get celebrity quote or  something from a sex/murder.
There needs to be some sort of criminal sanctions to stop this sort of thing happening, otherwise the press will pay the fine (which would never get to £1m in any circumstances) & just go on as before.
The press must be free to expose government, criminals & wrongdoers, but not chase celebrities & the average man in the street who happens to have a few minutes of fame.
There needs to be some sort of US style 'Feedom of the Press' in this action, but no 'I can do as I like' that some of the press seem to want.
Oh, and the lible bill that Cameron seems to have killed (possibly due to press infulence, if you are a conspirancy theorist), as it would have stopped defamation tourists. BRING IT BACK.

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