Friday, 23 September 2011

Faster Than A Ray Of Light

CERN researchers are baffled by measurements that appear to show nutrinos traveling in excess of the speed of light. Those of you who are familiar with Einstien's Special Theory of Relativity will realise that this should be impossible.

There are a number of possible explanations for these observations:
a) The distance between CERN and the lab in Italy has been incorrectly measured or calculated.
b) Timing between the labs had been incorrectly synchronised.
c) Other forms of systematic measurement error.
d) Nutrinos do not work like we thought they did.
e) Einstien was slightly off in his theory (but not to the extent a number of sensationalist journo's have suggested, otherwise sat navs and other stuff would have stopped working!)

A, b or c of the above are the most likely explanations. Nutrinos having a different nature to that which we have assumed they have, such as being able to take on a negative rest mass for short periods, would be very interesting. The most intriguing posibility would be that Relativity Theory is not complete & needs to be extended/reworked.

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