Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Norway Terror Attacks

Firstly, may I make this very clear that I am not touting for hits with this headline.

Secondly may I give my condolences to all in Norway who are related to or known all those who have been killed or injured in the attacks by Anders Behring Breivik.

 As a minor conspiracy theorist, all I wanted to say was:
  1. How did he know that there was no chopper available as all the crew was on holiday? (If he did know, I'm not suggesting that whoever told him was a co-conspirator, just that they may have mentioned it in the pub, or the Norwegian equivalent thereof.)
  2. Why was there no backup crew for the chopper? 
  3. Why were the crew all allowed to go on holiday at the same time?
I am also worried that people who have a degree of possible mental illness are attracted to massively right or left of centre political parties with with anti-immigrant agendas. This includes the 'Religious Right' in the States, Islamic political parties (who I feel are ripe for takeover by Jihadi's), Zionist parties, etc, etc! (I think any political party who wants to bring about a state with an 'ocracy' at the end of it, other than 'dem', can not be trusted!)

If anyone feels I have insulted their political or religious views, I'm sorry, but I'm drunk!

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