Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Scottish Law.

While the rain was falling at the Oval today, Radio 4 long wave went back to their normal programming so I heard the the last program of the current season of Law in Action which was doing an article on Scottish Law. While its main thrust was about collaborating evidence and how it makes sex crimes harder to prosecute, especially after the European court ruling about legal representation while being questioned, with respect to the European Human Rights legislation, I did think two things:
  • How good it was that the court process was being taught to children of ages 7 - 11.
  • Why is it that only Scotland has the "Not Proven" verdict? This would work in any jurisdiction that has had it's legal system based on the English system of jurisprudence (rather that the Code Napoleon), in order to give the jury a 3rd option where they are undecided on the guilt of the defendant.

What is a Snail (Cowfat vs Wheedle KB 1932 .....)

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