Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Aston Villa - What the "expletive deleted" is going on??

OK, you're going to have to be a Aston Villa fan to find this post interesting.

What is going on over at Villa? OK, I can understand why Houlier was let go, health issues, not that I liked it. When he got the boot from Liverpool for basically the same reason I didn't like that. I can understand Carrew being let go, he was out on loan and that usually signifies that the player is on the way out.

But that leaves us with no manager, hemorrhaging players (Friedle, Reo-Coker gone, Ashley Young worried about getting a decent level of play) and fans felling a little confused. We haven't signed anyone (well we may be in talks with some Yank midfielder) and everything seems to be way up in the air!

I think the board/management need to make a statement quickly to calm down the fans before we think the club is 'going to hell in a handbasket'.


Sepp Blatter - don'tcha just love him?!

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