Monday, 27 June 2011

New F1 Regulations

People say the new F1 regs have bought about more overtaking & better racing.
I don't see it that way.
Everything this year seems so artificial, and Sunday's race seems to say that the teams have got up to speed with the new regs and the passing will become harder for the rest of the season.

I think that there is only one way to improve the sport:

  • Mechanical grip to aerodynamic grip should be enforced at a minimum of 40:60, preferably 50:50. This will reduce the problem of areo making it near impossible for people to pass as the dirty air means you can't go fast enough.
  • Tyres should last the entire race so pit stop strategy becomes a thing of the past (you can only change tyres in a race if you get a puncture, or it starts to rain/dries up).
  • Loose DRS & KERS, they only make the racing artificial.

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