Monday, 15 August 2011

August Rioting - Political Sound-bites Begin

Now the rioting has finished, politicians are falling over each other to produce what I call the 'sound-bite policies', knee-jerk outpourings that will produce, if implemented, totally lousy laws.

How about removing benefits from people who have convicted of looting, but get a non-custodial sentence? Seems to me a fine way of getting them to commit more thefts or robberies!

Or how about evicting the parents of children suspected of participating in the riots from their council housing? The only person that this has happened to yet is a devout church-going woman who has had no contact with her son, who is suspected of rioting, for several years. Seems like a good call.

Calls for a public inquiry are equally naive, as such an inquiry will take for ever to reach a conclusion (the equivalent of kicking it into the long grass) and may well get 'hijacked' by the government (who will make sure it is chaired by someone is 'sound' and 'one of us').

Left wing politicians are saying that it is the high unemployment rates and lack of opportunities in inner city areas. Right wing politicians go on about lack of moral values, rampant criminality, the inability of single mothers to raise their children, and lazy, greedy unemployed people. Both (as politicians in the centre are just mumbling into their beards) are probably right and therefore both are indubitably wrong, for to only see part of the answers is to see no answers at all. If you only see answers that fit your political views, you are not going to be able fix the underlying problems, and that is worse than useless. "There is none so blind as he who will not see."

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