Sunday, 7 August 2011

Why Central Bankers Statements Will Not Calm The Markets.

It seems that 'The Market' is not being comforted by the pronouncements of central bankers.

Could this be that most of the more senior bond and currency dealers are on holiday, leaving the markets in the hands of so called expert computer systems and panicky juniors?

The computer systems run trades so fast the junior brokers can't keep up with them, especially with the low volumes of trades making the market exceedingly volatile.

Anyway, with most senior politicians on holiday, can you really blame the markets for taking a dim view the world's financial problems! If the politicians can't be bothered to stay and keep an eye on their finances, then perhaps the markets might assume things are going to get worse?

I once read somewhere that traders in financial markets can be modeled as a flock of sheep, so perhaps that is why they are so panicked?

Perhaps we should push the reset button on this globalised economy (if there is one)?

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