Thursday, 14 July 2011

Choinok Crash 1994

Finally, the two pilots in the 1994 Chinook crash have been exonerated! When I first head of this crash I assumed that, due to the number of N.I. spooks on the chopper, the IRA or some other Irish Republican 'freedom fighters' had sabotaged itin some way! Latterly I learnt (mostly from the exemplary journalism carried out by Computing) that there was possible problems with the software (which we had installed at massive cost) that was in that in the particular mark of that hellicopter.

I think that, considering how much this mark of Chinook cost the RAF, they may have been very very loath to say that something went wrong with one of them, prefering to blame it on the pilots! (It's a bit like when you bu a fake artwork; the more you pay, the less you are willing to admit that that is a fake!)

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