Monday, 11 July 2011

NotW Phone Hacking - Relevant Radio Programmes.

If you are still interested in the now defunct News of the Screws (All Human Sex Scandals Were Here*) 'phone hacking' scandal, and if you are reading this within at least 7 days of this being posted, the may like to check out the relevant Westminster Hour (10th July, available for 30 days as a podcast) or What The Papers Say (Episode 60) (the latter having a great theme tune and is actually quite funny).

*All Human Sex Scandals Were Here is a pun on their motto 'All Human Life Is Here'.

I'm sure Private Eye has more relevant and more humorous things to say on this topic! (Or will have in a couple of weeks! Problem with being bi-weekly!)

You may find this relevant:

Or even this:

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